Tuesday, 5 May 2009

John Knox is my home boy

Johnny K's 'order of excommunication'....
This is what my life boils down to until 21st August.
There is nothing else.
No baubles or babbling,
no fun or frivolity,
no nuttin' til this task is complete.
Working title for the paper:
'in, out, shake it all about': excommunication as a type of hokey cokey.
It will end up with a title that will be eminently more dull and worthy.
And will eventually, possibly, be distilled down from 25 000 words, into a dull and worthy conference paper in February.

What I'm loving - yes, it is possible to love this stuff - is our John's slightly schizophrenic attitude to magistrates and judges. He utters the mantra of 'godly magistrate' whilst simultaneously bad-mouthing them. They are variously called 'negligent', they allegedly 'wink at crimes' - overlook them, they are prone to corruption.

John's my home boy and he has a glorious way of not mincing his words - you know where you stand with John. Although, sometimes, I can't help but wonder if he wasn't a little 'socially challenged'? :)


Sarah H said...

You should definitely keep that title! It's make me want to read it anyway :P

Nik said...

John Knox is my Homeboy: Knox and the Order of Excommunication, 1569.

Yeah, I can see Jane let me keep that as a suitable title, ta v. much mate, lol!!

Sarah H said...

Nah, I meant the 'in, out, shake it all about: excommunication as a type of hokey cokey' - that's inspired that is ;-)

Nik said...

She won't let me have that one either - she merely shook her head in disgust!! :D