Wednesday, 24 June 2009

'leafy suburbs' and lections

On Friday, 12.30pm, a small rite will take place: ceremonial handing over of church keys and church phone. I start locum in 'leafy parish in the burgh' on Monday - poor blighters. Looking forward to it... although I do hope the Minister has a church to come back to.
Not so sure I'm looking forward to trying to finish my Master's diss at the same time however, but nothing like a wee challenge!

The first lesson already learned: double-check the lectionary readings when you decide to go slightly 'off' lections. Having drafted my worship planner for 2 months, I realised there were several Sundays around food and bread and decided to leap off lection for the 19th. Was aiming to use the omitted bit from Mark for that Sunday, which was Jesus walking on water. Sermon title and outline for worship sorted. Except the following Sunday, I shall not be conducting worship as it's an ordination anniversary celebration. Lovely celebrating anniversary minister will be using the lections of course... including John... which is the story of Jesus walking on water. Ahhhhh.
Note to self, remember to check the small details!
Other note to self, stick with the allotted lections!
It reminds me a wee bit of the church noticeboard advertising Sunday services:
Sunday morning sermon - 'Jesus walks on water'
Sunday evening sermon - 'Looking for Jesus'

I shall be looking for Jesus on the 19th, but probably not near any water....


Shuna said...

I hope you have a fab time as locum - it really is a great opportunity to be 'you' and not be hidig behind someone elses robes. Lokking for Jesus is a cool theme me thinks....

Shuna said...

oh dear! my typing! that should be hiding and looking!