Thursday, 21 January 2010

'S' is for silly signage :)

'S' is for silly signage, the lovely seaside and space to be... and happy academic supervisors, amongst other things.  Signage below:

I'm a devotee of Barter Books down in Alnwick - in Englandshire.  A great specialist/ pre-loved bookshop in what was the old Alnwick Railway Station.  In honour of this, there are miniature steam trains chugging overhead, above the bookcases in the entryway, and they are quite fun and fab.  The bookshop is also well known for the discovery of an old WWII propaganda poster, which I am also a fan of which bears the simple slogan 'keep calm and carry on'.  You can read about the story of the poster here.
The poster, since its discovery in a dusty old box of books has gained a cult following, so much so that you can now go online and, via the wonders of the 'keep calm -matic,  randomly generate your own version of the poster... some examples below.  Go, enjoy... and report back on your creations. 

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Mrs Gerbil said...

I discovered that bookshop a couple of years ago on holiday - it's brilliant. Books and train spotting in one place - almost heaven!