Thursday, 18 March 2010

serendipity and clearing fog...

Sort of vaguely enigmatic musing and note to self, really....

Was off doing a couple of hospital visits yesterday.
On the way down, texted a friend to say I was in the area and if she was around after visiting hours what  the possibility might be of spontaneous coffee - as opposed to combustion, which is a little messier and slightly more final I believe.
Transpired she was also on the way to the hospital to do visits.
Serendipity is a grand thing.
We agreed to meet after we'd caught up with our various folk.
An epic chat of 3hours commenced.
Later, as I sat on the bus headed home, I realised just how incredibly blessed I am to have so many good and wise friends who enrich my life,
fill it with laughter and space and care,
and hope and hugs.

Arising from yesterday's chat was more fog clearing and floating away...
and the acceptance of something that I will have to do at some point down the track.
It's something that will be hard and which I believe I am called to do as a human being, and as a human being who feels called to ministry...
called to be real;
called to be fully human;
called to be foolish, ridiculed and vulnerable - sticking my head above the parapet knowing it may potentially shot at - and knowing there's an odd sort of wisdom and logic within it that goes with the territory.
Called to stand up and quietly challenge certain ways of thinking because until 'issues' become connected to human faces, people will continue to dehumanise others.
It's my contention that being Christian is about being in the business of rehumanising not dehumanising - to do everything in our power to encourage and support lives lived to the full, not lives lived in fear.
And it's scary in the culture of fear that is currently church, concerning some issues at least, to stand up and say 'no more' - or, in the spirit of the moderate protesters worldwide - 'steady on',  'we're against this sort of thing'.  :-)

But in the accepting of this,
the weight of it and the tiredness created by carrying that weight, has fallen away.
I'm calm.
I have got my perspective back, along with my sense of humour.
It's been a little bit of an 'Itchy and Scratchy' show for a wee while.
There's a struggle ahead.
I'm in training and quietly preparing.
With God and good friends, it's going to be alright.


Danny said...

Yay for God...good friends and a fog free future.

Mrs Gerbil said...

Thanks for a great post. Your comments about being Christian really speak my language and resonate with me, and how I feel called.
Training hasn't started for me, though. They might not want me ;-)

Martin Ritchie said...

Great to have people like you in the church Nikki - it needs articulate and compassionate challengers right now.