Monday, 7 February 2011

Problem students? No problem!

Picture at left currently making me laugh - probably very inappropriately.
However, I am most fortunate to have had very affable students in my tutorial group both this semester and last.  They will not be going in the 'pot'!  Delighted that my lot all passed last semester, and willing them to do well this time around.

In between tutoring, palaeography, and blood feud I am kept very busy, however I have now booked my flights for Geneva.  I'll be spending April there and getting to know the current Church of Scotland congregation.  Worshipping in what was the english speaking exiles church where Knox and Goodman were ministers - an odd, spiritual/ historical pilgrimmage - v. exciting.  Am curious to see how the dynamics work - a CofS congregation outwith Scotland: how it works, why folk come, how it differs/is similar to CofS in Scotland, as well as the ecumenical context.  I think I am ridiculously fortunate that the minister and session have agreed to this, as well as 121.  Now just pondering how to make the most of this amazing opportunity :)
Meanwhile... time to get back to the bloodfeud!


spotthegerbil said...

Toblerone. Lots and lots of Toblerone. Aparently, the regimented design of a Toblerone bar is an architects model of how the Swiss would have built the alps, if they were in charge. It's true. My mum told me.

Find the Swiss Army knife factory. We drove past it once on our european tour, but didn't stop. Please find out if there is such a thing as a Swiss Army fork.

I can't help on a more theological theme, but I can confirm that the minister in Lausanne is a pleasant chap. His last charge was this side of the Forth.

Nik said...

^^^^^^^^^^ - Toblerone? :)
Cheers Spot. The Swiss Army fork sounds like an amusing challenge. I'll get back to you on that!!!