Friday, 24 June 2011

down home on the farm

In amidst deadlines, writing reports, hanging out with the deceased Archbishop Forman of St Andrews [c.1465-1521], and lots of wind and rain more reminiscent of winter than late spring/ summer, I have been trying to encourage various plants to grow.
They've certainly been up against it so far this year.
The small greenhouse was blown down and contents scattered everywhere during the mini-cyclone that was the 23rd May.  Rescuing and replanting commenced.
After one gloriously hot day, which was probably the day we had summer for this year, the temp. dropped enough for said planties to shiver to their roots...
and when not freezing, the rain has been doing its level best to drown them.  But they will not give up - I'm impressed with their tenacity.
And this morning, I harvested my very first strawberry and ate it there and then - and it was gooooood!
I am officially a farmer :D

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Mrs Gerbil said...

That reminds me, we've strawberries to pick!