Saturday, 12 July 2014

lectionary leanings: 'Castaway God'

Have been pondering one of the readings for tomorrow:
Isaiah 55:10-13

The words from the Book of Isaiah are aimed at the Babylonian captives:
exiles, castaways... and in a lateral tangent I began to think of 'Desert Island Discs'
and wondered what if God were the 'castaway' interviewee...
What 8 pieces of music would God choose - the Psalms?
What book [apart from the Bible and Complete Works of Shakespeare]?
And what would be God's luxury item?
The interweaving conversation would be quite something.

I can almost hear Kirsty Young’s introduction:
*cue signature tune, fade...*

Our castaway this morning is someone who has been the subject of countless words:
writers through the centuries have praised and pondered him,
others have criticised and condemned him.
Turning to his own words:
He’s been in the word-smithing business since before Adam was a boy -
His own word brought creation into being,
His book has been in the all-time best-seller list
since before the printing press was invented;
he has only to speak, and the mountains bow down before him
and trees have been known to clap their hands in joy.
He’s been extravagantly scattering his word on pathways,
in rocky and thorny places,
and even on good soil for generation upon generation
And such is the power of his imagination
his Word became flesh and dwelt among us,
and we have seen his glory...

Hmmm, quite like the idea of 'castaway God'.  Perhaps something to explore at another point when I am not sermon-procrastinating!

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