Friday, 24 April 2009

22 impossible things before breakfast

Luke 24: 36ff While thery were talking about this,
Jesus himself stood among them and said to them,
" Peace be with you."

Jesus came speaking words of peace.
He ate fish.
He reminded the disciples of the words he'd said to them
prior to his death.
He opened the Scriptures
and opened their minds
to accept the
possibility of the impossible:
to take a leap beyond their wildest imaginings.
And then...
encouraged them to push open the locked doors
and emerge from the ghetto of their fears.
Encouraged them to emerge
back into life
and move beyond their self-imposed,
half-life limbo
of doubt and despair.
Encouraged them to share a most remarkable story
of life
and death
and resurrection.
Encouraged them to proclaim:
repentance met with love
and the liberating gift of forgiveness.
Encouraged them,
by his own action,
to be proclaimers
of peace
and passion
and possibilty.
And in so doing, to become
passionately peaceful, possibility-filled people.

It's time to emerge.
Time to fling open locked church doors:
to speak words of peace
in doubt-filled,
Time to share that story of liberating love
and freedom
and forgiveness.
And definitely time to re-grasp
the possibility of impossibility.

...although believing 22 impossible things before breakfast
is not always necessary!

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