Tuesday, 14 April 2009

the end is nigh... well, for the moment anyway.

Done.                                                                       [cartoon by Dave Walker]
Not yet delivered... [to 'the kremlin', but at least now in the hands of my esteemed supervisor.]

Ah, yes, the 'forms' of doom and desolation. Why is it that when it comes to filling these wretched things out, I feel all 'blonde and fluffy'? And that I'm writing the s
ame thing several times over?
But, for the moment, it's over. I'm looking forward to the time I get to write my report on 'not doing a placement' - reflecting on how it feels to do ... nothing.
Comedy set of questions in current set of forms:

Q/ were you given adequate study and preparation time for allotted tasks? [or sommat like that] A/ yes.
Q/ how did you use this time? A/ erm, I studied and prepared?

While the forms containing my existential angst have gone, research is in a bit of a limbo space. Suddenly I have to find something useful to write on, but not too useful as it can't be used for the thesis. Wondering about excommunication in 16th c. Scotland... but 25 000 words on it? Hmmm. Thoughts on a postcard - or if handy, submit on a bill of excommunication, please....

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