Thursday, 16 April 2009

a small nail in the coffin of mocking cynicism...

Susan Boyle... legend.

Warning: I may about to be in danger of being a wee bit 'schmaltzy'.

What a stunning story.
What a glorious tale of the unexpected.
What a reminder not to scoff and mock and judge too readily.
Marshmallow that I am, I confess I just burst into tears after she'd sung the first three notes - this after I'd put my eyes back into my head after they'd popped out in surprise.

Proof, if ever, that there is no such thing as an 'ordinary' human being: we are all marvellously, wondrously extraordinary.

Perhaps an odd, lateral tangent, but I'm reminded of Iraneus of Lyons... 'the glory of God is a human fully alive, and the life of that human is the image of God'. When we take risks and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to be open to ridicule, to be human ... little glimpses of God shine through and can take our breath away. And also put a small nail in the coffin of mocking cynicism which shackles and holds us back from being everything God meant for us to be.

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