Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Looking upwards, looking outwards...

Acts 1: 11

Gasping... like goldfish sucking in air.
Looking up, not looking out...
at the world the Word brought into being.
Looking up, standing around -
perhaps a little punch-drunk

with all they’d seen and heard and done?

Others then reminding them,
urging them onwards,
outwards, through that question:
‘Why do you stand looking up towards heaven?’

We must look up, but look out too -
roll up our sleeves.
There’s work to be done.
We are builders
of God's kingdom of love on earth.
Healers of hurts.
Menders of hearts,

gently wiping tears away.

Empowered by his love.

Watching? Yes.

Waiting? Yes.
until the Word returns once more to the world.

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Stewart Goudie said...

Beautiful. Thanks.