Monday, 8 June 2009

the welcoming church welcomes you, sorta

An excellent day yesterday visiting, and later lunching with, 'Stockarees'. Am really looking forward to filling in there while Anne's away in July and August.
Bumped into a pal at church who was on a 'checking it out' mission. Later on that day we were having a blether about her experience of the church welcome. The Stockarees got an overwhelmingly positive response from friend.... I suspect in part because their kitchen is definitely not like this one!!!!!

------------------------------------------------------>     [cartoon by Dave Walker]


JohnO said...

Reminds me of a notice that's to be found in my home church. It reads something like:
"Do not drop chewing gum on the floor. You wouldn't drop chewing gum on your mum's floor, so don't drop it on God's floor."
Right sentiment, but just plain wrong on so many other levels.

Nik said...

oh, that's marvellous!!