Monday, 24 August 2009

rest awhile...

A brief time of rest,
walking on the beach,
seeing friends, and catching up with sleep.

It is an odd feeling: both Masters diss and locum have come to an end within 2 days of each other -
from all to nothing very abruptly.

No Knox, and no sermons to write.
But it's fine.
I am content just being for a little bit.
Will do some reflecting on locuming at 'leafy parish in the burgh' at some point - but for now it's novel reading time. Although processing out of worship to 'Waltzing Matilda' was amusing and disconcerting!!! I will miss those folks very much: they are an inspiration and a lesson in grace.

This evening has been truly lovely and I took the camera down to the beach at the end of the street... the sound of waves gently rolling onto damp sand, bird cry, people walking and chatting in the still-warm evening sun.
It is good.
All of this is good and reflects the goodness of the One who spoke it into being.
At the moment, I'm in a mood of peaceful, quiet gratitude for all of God's good gifts.
Amazing love.
Amazing grace.
Amazing God.

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Liz Crumlish said...

Nik, so glad there's a wee breathing space. Look forward to your reflections- and to "sharing" on the next stage of the journey, whatever that is for you. Enjoy and blessings