Monday, 14 September 2009

'D' is for...

Food, academia and the occasional animal today... :)

- as in chocolate
as in fairly traded as in 'omigosh lovely'. Chocolate in this context is truly 'food of the gods'. Mmmmm.

Donuts - whether or not I actually eat the things they
make me smile and think of the Simpsons and subversity and silliness.

Dolphins - and leaping and splashing and playing and joy.

Divinity - as in New College School of Divinity: a place where I've grown; where I've wrestled joyfully with words and concepts and occasionally some Scottish Reformers; and where I've sort of 'lived' for the last 5 years and moving into year 6 and the...

Doctorate - wow - gosh...! A little amazed that I'm doing this. Huge thankfulness and lots of joy. Maybe some tears a little later when the Latin grammar really becomes horrific and when I just can't read the handwriting on ageing manuscripts after several hours in the Archives. :)

Diversity - thankfulness for a wild, weird, wide and wondrous world in all its amazingness

Daffodils in Spring on Castle Hill, Princes St Gardens, hundreds upon hundreds of 'em - joyfully lifting their cheery heads to the sky and grinning at God. A happy sign of spring, new life, and riotous colour.

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