Friday, 18 September 2009

'E' is for...

Epistles, expresso, elephants, entertainments of all kinds... and also:

Eating - good meals with good friends with easy, flowing, funny conversation.  I love the communal intimacy and the strengthening and nurturing of relationships of all kinds that occur when eating together.  Hmmm, and thinking of various occasions in the gospels where eating meals together feature: both the miraculous and the mundane.  And the sense of sacred in the ordinary that can occur in profound moments of conversation at the table.

Earth - this amazing robust/ fragile planet with all its colour and noise and diversity of life and loveliness.  For green and growing things, for things that creep and things that fly or climb or jump, for watery wonderfulness - creeks, rivers, streams, oceans, for gentle rolling hills or craggy snow-peaked mountains, for the sun and moon and stars that shine down upon it all.  It is good, it is very good indeed.

and Earth - the smell of freshly ploughed fields.

Exceptions that fly in the face of conformity and which refuse to be put in a box and labelled.

'Erudition' - because of its context in an overheard conversation by two very earnest, tweed-wearing young people, many years ago on a train.  They were discussing someone [and to the day I die I will never know who it was, and I quite like the delicious not-knowingness of it] who apparently 'wore his erudition like a badge.'  Ever since, I've just adored that pompous turn of phrase.

Easter and new life,
new beginnings,
new possibilities,
new ways of being:
of hope in the darkness and restoration and release.

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