Monday, 21 September 2009

'G' is for...

Gardens bursting forth in outrageous colours throughout the year; from ordered stately gardens [a favourite is Direlton Castle], to country cottagey helter-skelter and wild flowers in fields and hedgerows... gorgeous.

Gumtrees and their graceful drooping tear-drop leaves... for gum leaves in billy-tea accompanied by freshly cooked damper wound around a smooth gumtree branch... the smell of forest gums... and distant hazy blue on warm summer days when the oil evaporates... mmmmm.

the GĂ idhealtachd - and my Gaelic-speaking grandfather, born at Port of Ness, Isle of Lewis... for an amazing history and language and culture.

Ginger beer - in all its glorious spicy-sweet yumminess.  And remembering the soft 'pop', 'pop', 'pop' of home-brewed bottles occasionally bursting open in the lean-to outside... definitely a childhood summer sound.

Gregorian chant for its complexity and simplicity and beauty: prayer-song floating to heaven and following the musical theme...

Guitar - listening to great guitarists like John Williams - love his version of Concierto de Aranjuez - wonderful, inspiring stuff.
And tho' I'm quite a dire guitarist, I'm glad I taught myself to play years ago, and can sit and strum and sing and just 'be'...

Gloaming a wonderful word for a wonderful time of day: between sunset and nightfall

Gentleness: quiet, soft moments - spoken and unspoken, of tenderness and care and loving-kindness

Gratitude :) and being able to give thanks and maintaining the positivity that defies the urge that would too easily harp and whine and criticise.  And that there is Someone Other to thank: I'm mindful of the old question regarding faith/ non-belief... on a wonderful day when all feels right with the world, and the natural mood within is one of immense gratitude and thanksgiving, what do athiests do?  Which leads me to... 

God who is the ground of my being, who holds me in the palm of his hand, who loves me beyond my wildest imaginings, who gives meaning to this existence, who is closer to me than breathing and yet beyond all comprehension, who is mystery and mercy... who has demonstrated

Grace beyond measure and who inspires me to make stumbling efforts to mirror that grace.

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