Wednesday, 30 September 2009

'H' is for...

Some more from the gently meandering attempt to build an alphabet of gratitude... today's letter being 'H', which is for:

History - mid-late 16th c. Scottish ecclesiastical history in particular... my beloved thesis is set in this era.  Even tho' reading 16th c. Scots is destroying my spelling, it's a fantastic and fabby period to be researching.

Healthcare and hospitals in the UK - given the news from across the pond regarding healthcare costs in the USA, I am more and more thankful for the wonder that is the NHS.

High tide at Fisherrow... especially when it's at the same time as twilight... birds resting resting on the water chatting to each other after a hard day's scavenging, the sounds of small waves splashing on the sand.  All balm for the soul

High days and holidays - special days of celebration, and days of relaxation

Home/ Hospitality  for having a place to hang my hat, a 'sanctuary' space, and a place to share with others... barbecues and dinners and movie nights. Which also links to:

Hanging out - with friends over cups of coffee and good conversations

Humour - that vital safety valve to let off steam as well as to poke fun at my pretentiousness a bit!  Life would be a dull, grey place indeed without this!!

Hugs - self-explanatory, I think!!

Hope: life-giving, life-sustaining... creating spaces of light in the dark... and leading to...

Heaven perhaps?  Understanding that we are 'strangers in a strange land' making our way to our true home... That place where every tear shall be wiped away, where death has been conquered, and where we shall see Him as He truly is

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