Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Madonna and Child...

Although this coming Sunday should, in theory, be about John the Baptist, we're not going there due to a Nativity play the following week during worship.  Instead, this Sunday, we'll focus on Mary and angel voices and suchlike.  As part of worship, I'll be reflecting on Mary and possibly using this poem I wrote a wee while back:

Madonna and Child

So young,
so young to bear the One
to bear the weight
of all the world
inside your womb
and yet,
to bear that weight
has always been
a woman's fate,
her lot.

So small,
so small first-born for all
who bears the weight
of pain and weeps
and heals the wounds
and yet,
who bears that weight
as Son of Man
for pure love's-sake,
as God.
                   c. Nikki Macdonald
                                               picture by Sieger Koder


Danny said...

Also doing Mary for same reasons as you
:-) Love the poem - thanks for posting it.

Shuna said...

tis indeed lovely - I am on John the B - wishing it was Mary tho'

Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks for entering the Sappy Christmas Song Contest! Great entry! I gave you a shout out in today's update. Glad to find your blog, too.