Friday, 8 January 2010

'Q' is for...

oh. very. dear.  Have really been procrastinating when it came to this letter... but here goes!!

'Q' is for the Quad - at New College where I pretend to do my doctorate!  Something I've loved during my loooong time at uni. is walking across the Quad to the library on the other side... and stopping mid-point to look outside through the College gate.  The view takes you down through the New Town and out the the Forth and over to Fife on a clear day... or on a misty day, it's just a gap of light above which hang the gate towers - nicely atmospheric.

and for questions... have asked many questions during my time at uni. and I hope I continue to throughout the rest of my life.  There's a course which explores Christianity and I love the title of it - it's called 'Living the Questions'.  Really like the implication that it's okay to ask questions and to live with the tension that sometimes you just won't have a black and white answer to matters of the faith - it invites you to relax into the mystery of faith... which isn't about finding 'proof' for God, otherwise faith would be redundant.

and for quiet - yes, even this particular extrovert appreciates quieter times, places and spaces in which to stop and listen to the beating of my heart, breaths in and out, and the changing of my thought-gears.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nik,
Like the living with questions... have even said this in a sermon or two. Good to be reminded of where I stidied, and quiet is good, even essential, for extroverts (and others)