Friday, 12 February 2010

this post possibly provided by the letter 'P'

Oh dear.  Oh very dear.  I suspect sleep deprivation has moved from the shattered brain-freeze state to that weird hyper space you can tend to morph into occasionally.
I'm perky... positively percolating with possibly pertinent and pithy 'p' words.
This state of being due to writing a paper for tomorrow's conference.
I've realised how ridiculously alliterative my research area is.
In a sense, what I'll be doing tomorrow will be...

presenting a paper on the process of Protestant penitential performance, in particular, provender prohibitions in 1565/6.
I'm sure I could find more words beginning with 'p', for example 'prat', which is what I suspect I'll look like after said paper tomorrow morning!!!
Illustrious academic supervisor will sit there despairing, I predict.

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