Wednesday, 4 August 2010

So, I'm guessing we don't get the extension then?
The deadline of doom fast approacheth and sooooo much work yet to do.
Preparing for my 1st year PhD board - interrogation by a panel of 4-5 academics who will have read my sample chapter, and also my extended proposal outlining the research, methodology, why there's a thesis-shaped hole in the field of research, and chapter headings and a brief precis of what will appear in each chapter, as well as an extended bibliography.  Proposal's mostly fine and dandy, just needs tidied.
Chapter, however, is in its 3rd attempt; at least this time around I think I may have found the focus.  Hmmm.  Added to which I have been boxing up the books I keep on my desk in the office because our office is being refitted - fabulous timing.  I shall be living in the National Library for the next several weeks.  All this by way of saying I may not be around as much as I might normally be.  3 weeks and counting.  I'm feeling the need for chocolate - or cupcakes.
*twitch, twitch*


Martin Ritchie said...

Gosh Nikki, sounds pretty gruelling. Hang in there, though, we have faith in you, your brainyness!

Mrs Gerbil said...

I'm sure you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I picking up that there might have been some hinting in my direction there....I will see what I can do!! Hope the move is going ok.

Wendy said...

A different system of course, but I went three times through for my prospectus and then again for my first chapter. I know I took something from the earlier attempts, but I'm talking total re-writing. You'll be great, but it's tough going.