Sunday, 23 January 2011

blood feud and fornication...

Stool of repentance, St Andrews.
busy... busy... busy:
up to my oxters in bloodfeud and fornication.
Well, immersed in transcribing records from Burntisland Kirk Session records late 16th-early-17th c.  Finally the palaeography is beginning to pay off.
The laird of Orrok's son was a bit of a naughty boy, and Orrok senior wasn't that much better....
Normal blogging service will resume soon.
Aaaand back to it.


Anonymous said...

btw, did you come across anything in the Session records about the General Assembly meeting there which "conceived" the idea of a new Bible translation which King James "birthed" down in England a few years later ? ? ?

Nik said...

You'll find a record of that in the 'Acts of the General Assemblies' - vol 2 1583-1618, edited by Duncan Shaw, pub. in 2004 by the Scottish Record Society, p1276 [which replaces BUK - Booke of the Universall Kirk]