Thursday, 10 February 2011

pop idol meets Paul Tillich in the Church Times

A student pal at uni. had brought in his copy of the Church Times - with front cover a full page shot of the ubiquitous Cheryl Cole.  This, apparently not an attempt to boost flagging circulation, but rather to flag up an article about our modern cult of celebrity - or [pop] idol worship. 
The article was a snappy one by Pete Ward and had a rather neat hookline that ran along the lines of:
"Cheryl Cole may be omnipresent but she is not the ground of anyone's being."

Marvellous - pop idol meets Paul Tillich - happy days! :)


spotthegerbil said...

Something on the Church Times site ammused me. There was a meeting of primates in Ireland. Image that floated to the top of my head was of a chimps tea party.* I need to think purer thoughts if I'm to be a ministerial spouse.

*with no offence meant to either type of primate!

Nik said...

hehehe, yup, I'm not sure who it's most unfortunate for - the bishops or the monkeys!! :)

Anonymous said...


then there was the preacher who'd been reading lots of Tillich and Billy Graham one week.

At the end of his Sunday sermon he said:

"May the Ground of All Being richly bless each and every one of you."

Anonymous said...

"Your comment will be visible after approval."

thought-police have invaded this website !

Nik said...

It's been comment-moderated for yonks, plus I was watching a mindless movie...