Friday, 12 August 2011

a little bean spilling makes a great new all-age resource

Popping my head up from underneath the books and manuscripts [and perfectly preserved arm of St Giles complete with diamond pinky ring] to flag up a fabby resource put together by an excellent bunch of folk. 
It's called Spill the Beans.   I've had a trial of some earlier material and it was really great to be able to add it to my resources 'treasure-chest' of helpful material that I'd be happy to recommend [and I am pretty darned picky!]  It fits nicely alongside Roots and Seasons of the Spirit - having, what I'd categorise as, a good middle of the road, social justice-oriented, lectionary-based, and fun approach to all-age worship.
Why not check out the free download and give it a trial run?

Monday, 1 August 2011

Religious 404 error

Was sent the following by the wondrous 'Spot' earlier this evening.  I think I should share the joy....  Do feel free to add to the list :D ...