Monday, 4 February 2013

Carry on Concluding...

...which is what my academic supervisor wrote in an email over the weekend.  I have a very odd sound track in my head now, accompanied by Barbara Windsor roaming about; rather disturbing.

However... blogging as such has been pathetic / patchy and will continue to be so until I submit the thesis.  I am hoping to get the beast in on [appropriately] April Fool's Day.
This blog post, then, is by way of a place-holder until some vague normality returns to my life...which will hopefully be from April as I start probation placement and prepare to defend my thesis in the viva of dooooooom.  Subject to passing/ corrections, heck, I may even manage to get this thing done and dusted and mebbe even be doctored by the end of the year...
Wish my luck as you wave me [temporarily] goodbyeeee.

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