Wednesday, 3 July 2013

'it started with a kiss'...'the journey, the journey is long'

'It started with a kiss, never thought it'd come to this'
Lyrics from an ancient, ancient song by Hot Chocolate on a school-yard crush that didn't manage to stand the test of time...

For no discernable reason, it's the song that has popped into my head as I reflect on blogging, beginnings, ministry, and about community and connectedness.  This particular blog space did not, alas, start with a kiss, but with a conference in April 2009; the second of five conferences in my initial training for ministry.  All of which feel a little lost in the mists of time given the slow boat to China route I've taken due to the accidental PhD.

It seems somehow apt to note that first wee blogpost, as I dipped both a hesitant toe into the bubbling blogosphere and dived headlong into training.  Here I stand, now in the first week of full-time probation, and the next part of the ministry journey, with a new set of conferences beginning in Sept.  The PhD - is off with my proof-reader, and will be submitted once I've made the corrections...I suspect there will be a celebratory blog-post to mark that!  After the viva and requisite corrections are corrected and re-submitted, I shall finally wave goodbye to academia, having started in New College way back in 2004.
But also time.
New things beckon.
So, beginnings, endings, beginning again.

And what of community and connectedness?
Alongside friends in the non-virtual realm, I have found a 'home', a sanctuary and space in realms virtual, whose inhabitants form a part of a brilliantly supportive and encouraging community - the wonderful RevGals.  It's an online group of bloggers who are women in ministry/ training for ministry/ supportive of women in ministry/ and supportive men - a most affirming and inclusive place of support of folk dotted all around the globe. 

I find myself rich indeed, to have in both realms companions and kindred spirits and have been delighted when the boundaries between both have blurred: it has been great to meet virtual pals in 'real' life, and it has been fun to see a growing Scottish contingent - we have now had two W.E.E. meets [Wee Event Ecosse!!].  It has been a fab thing, watching as different folk pondered, and journeyed, and made life-changing decisions, or ranted, or laughed and just spent time 'shooting the breeze'.  They don't know it, but they all keep me sane and vaguely grounded, and I am most grateful :)   

While there's so much more I could say, I have the matter of a funeral to go and conduct - the doing of which also helps keep me grounded.
As per that very first blog post, 'the journey, the journey, the journey is long' - but it is good, and there have been, and continue to be, a community of most amiable and encouraging companions to travel with.
Friendship and Galship :)


Teri said...

Now I'm singing the song. :-)

I'm so happy to know you, and to have you as part of my journey! Your friendship online and in person is amazing. People are still talking about how much you taught us last summer at the museum! I look at the WEE pics with much jealousy. Can't wait to see you in January!

Nik said...

Well, obviously, I think you rock :D
I was truly delighted to be given the opportunity to give free reign to Knoxian and 16th century stuff - you have no idea how quickly you learn to just cut your research to 2 sentences max. to avoid eyes glazing over. I have very happy memories of that visit and meeting you and your group. And must get cracking and pay the deposit to MB otherwise I won't see you in January!! lol!

Amy+ said...

I have loved seeing the WEE pix also - I look forward to meeting you in January!!

Nik said...

Amy - have I noted how ridiculously excited I am about January?! lol! :D

Martha Spong said...

We're excited, too!