Friday, 30 August 2013

Watch, O Lord...

and with a majority of just 13, the UK will not take part in what would have been an illegal military intervention.  And yet some intervention needs to be made in Syria - but what, how, when, and by whom?  I feel so helpless in the face of institutions such as the UN seemingly unable to act, I despair at the hawks circling round - more like vultures - in various Western governments, who seem itching for a fight.  Regardless of whether and what kind of intervention occurs. or does not, in Syria the overall scenario is a grim lose-lose situation.  The use of chemical weapons on one's own people to retain power - represhensible.
In the face of unspeakable acts and appalling suffering, feeling numb, and having no earthly idea of what the best way forward would be, I turn to my old friend Augustine, and offer up the words of his prayer this evening:
Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight,
and give Your Angels and Saints charge over those who sleep.
Tend Your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
Rest Your weary ones.
Bless Your dying ones.
Soothe Your suffering ones.
Pity Your afflicted ones.
Shield Your joyous ones.
And all for Your love's sake.


Chrys Muirhead said...

Hi Nik - I've just come upon your interesting and colourful blog through reading a comment of yours on 'Cuthbert in Edinburgh'. I look forward to dropping by 'a pilgrim's progress' and having a read from time to time.

I've been a Christian for over 31 years and now find myself a survivor activist and campaigner in mental health matters. Up to my neck in it. Although I had explored a call to the Auxiliary Ministry with CofS in 2008. Didn't get through so went back to working in the church of psychiatry.

All the best, Chrys

Nik said...

Hi Chrys - thanks for dropping by the blog.