Saturday, 29 August 2015

Praying the Lord's Prayer

As we begin a series focusing upon the Lord's Prayer in
the parish, a prayer on keeping company with God:

Creator God of limitless imagination,
who fashioned the universe 
and all the galaxies therein,
who breathed life into being
and formed the mountains and the valleys,
the forests and the ocean deeps,
and filled the world with creatures great and small;
who, from the dust, created us in your image,
and walked, and talked in dappled Garden-light
with the first two of our kind:
we come before you,
awed by your power,
inspired by the works of your hands,
humbled, that you,
who are greater than we can ever comprehend,
wish to keep company with us -
to hear the thoughts of our hearts,
and to speak with us as friends.
Lord, our God, our Father...
teach us to pray anew 
the prayer that Jesus taught us
and, help us to live it. Amen

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