Thursday, 9 July 2009

the power of love is fine, but diet coke is awesome

The old song 'Love changes everything' is sitting in my head at the moment. This is all very well and good - apart from the momentous cheesiness of the song. But actually, while love may change everything, diet coke is pretty awesome too.
Drowning not so much in the sea of love, but in the sea of excommunication despair, I realised that falling asleep over my computer was a bad idea. In some ways, so is caffeine over-consumption, but nevertheless, after gallons of the stuff today, I have written 2 000 words of a draft introduction to this wretched dissertation.
It helps cheer me up quite a bit, knowing that one part, at least, of this thing is pretty much done and ready to be doctored as needed.
I am choosing to ignore Section Two: my textual analysis section of the diss. tomorrow - bogged down at 9 000 words and losing the will to live - 5 000 words to go over there. Will move to Section One instead and play with a little ecclesiology of discipline instead - ever so much more cheering.
Almost halfway to the 25 000...
Now, as long as nobody else decides to die in the parish [body count 5 in 11 days - but only doing 3 of the funerals] there may even be the possibility of submitting this darned albatross around my neck!

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