Friday, 17 July 2009

he has broken down every wall

Hmmm, thinking about Sunday and am going for the Ephesians passage 2: 11-22 and Ps 23.
Iv'e been thinking about walls... no big thoughts, really.
A picture that has been in my mind this week is one of prayers tucked into the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. And then thinking of the huge wall Israel has constructed to effectively keep out Palestinians. And then my mind has wandered to other walls: Berlin Wall; the walls of the Warsaw ghetto; the Great Wall of China; the boundary fence between the USA and Mexico... and even, oddly, Australia's rabbit-proof fence - and thinking of the movie of the same name about indigenous kids being taken from their parents to be raised in white families. Racial walls, faith walls, political/ ideological walls... concrete, limestone, barbed wire, brick... And when we wall people out, we wall ourselves in - hold ourselves captive to our fears both real and imagined.
He is our peace, who has broken down every wall...
I suspect I should get to writing the sermon for Sunday!


Kate said...

Have you ever read Robert Frost's poem 'Mending Wall'? It sprung to mind when I saw this post. (Must be the Piskie in me - every good sermon needs a poem!!)

Nik said...

A great poem, ain't it? And just because it's you and you're my favourite Pisky-priest-in-potentia, I went back to the sermon I'd finished and popped RF in there!! Coffee and cupcakes at some point I hope :)

Kate said...

Hurray for poems in sermons!!

Coffee and cupcakes are a must. I maybe could do with an outing to Edinburgh (or even over your way) in the next couple of weeks. Let me know when you think you might need a study break.