Friday, 2 October 2009

wisdom at the edge of the beginning

Standing on the edge looking across to the other side, looking down at the bottom of the canyon, looking up to the blue sky of heaven, looking back to where I've journeyed up until now... 
Am at the edge of the beginning of my next placement, taking a deep breath before jumping on in.  New people to meet and new stories to hear, new ways of doing things, new ways of being, of doing and seeing.  I'm looking forward to a new challenge.  Looking forward to re-learning how much more there is to learn, and that learning is the journey of a life-time.  Looking forward...
Looking back, as well, to the time spent as locum over summer in leafy parish in the 'burgh.  Rich lessons there; stories and songs shared; and grace-filled generosity. 
Looking over the edge and peering down... wondering what those things will be that I wrestle with and am challenged by.
Looking up: to God who holds me by the hand and leads me through it all.  
Looking for the wisdom to be able to be authentic and to listen whole-heartedly: to be truly me and to be open to enough to accept the possibility that my way is not the only way to do things!!  As I start this new placement, I'm conscious of having had an incredible freedom over summer with locum and not really supervised: just trusted to get on with the job.  It's an odd thing, in a sense, to go back to a supervised placement, but it's a good antidote to any potential for arrogance on my part.  :) 
And so, onwards, to the next part of this training and discerning and reflecting - with the ever-present 'mantra' in mind: first, do no harm!


Danny said...

Second mantra... "keep smiling"!! Seriously hope the placement is really good and that you get lots from it. xx

Shuna said...

fab post - I had a real mixture of placements - all very different from each other in so many ways but as such all valuable. I hope you can keep smiling as Danny says - these are precious times.