Friday, 9 October 2009

'J' is for...

Jelly babies and the particular, peculiar sense of satisfaction by biting their heads off first...!!

Jeans and Jumpers for snuggling into as the days grow shorter and more chilly

Jokes in the form of long, involved stories told around a campfire/ barbie with friends and the long, slow reeling in followed by groans and grins.

Jumping beans for the endless fascination they provided at various points in my childhood

Jasmine and warm summer nights and the sweet scent of it hanging in the air

Jubilee and justice:  those times of liberation and celebration and fresh beginnings
Journeys of many kinds, inner and outer, and for growing and learning and times of just standing still in awe and wonder on the road

Joy which bubbles up unaccountably at times, reminding me that God is good

Jesus for truly saving my life in the midst of the madness!

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