Monday, 29 March 2010

Glee 'mash-up' meets funeral service remembrance...

Am thinking things funeric - in the cheeriest sort of way.  I was reminded earlier of a minister friend's wonderful story of a funeral she conducted some years ago.
The service was being held in a crem. and at one particular point, said friend allowed space for family and friends to say a few words if they wanted to.
An old chap duly got up, arrived at the lectern and observed the following:
'Ahhh, Jimmy* didnae go tae the kirk that much, but he loved his hymns. 
And I remember he was very fond of a particular hymn.
"On a hill far away
Stood an old rugged cross,
Where the deer and the antelope play..."

Said minister friend then womanfully struggled for the rest of the service to maintain her professional composure and not collapse into hysterical giggling....  She succeeded, but it was a close run thing.
Not sure if she's ever dared to allow space for comments again!!
*not his real name!

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Quotidian Grace said...

Hi, Nik! Love your blog. In fact I mentioned it in this month's edition of Presbyterians Today as part of an article I wrote about International Bloggers.

You can read it online here:

So if you notice more visits from the US, I'll take the credit--or the blame!

Have a joyous Easter!