Wednesday, 28 April 2010

CURE, loony monsters, and beans... will they get your vote?

Love, love, loving the peripheral nutty madness of the various 'silly protest' parties in the UK election campaign. 
One party, in particular, has caught my eye: the CURE party [Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality].  Diggin' that groovin' bass-tastic homage to the Beasty Boyz seen in one campaign slogan:
"Zombies, like students, are people too. Let's fight for their rights to politically party."
Some of their policies include:
* To give the undead equal rights to the living
* To make cemeteries more comfortable for its inhabitants
* To implement a robust social integreation programme for the undead, curing society of its prejudices
* To increase the minimum statutory retirement age to beyond death
* To permit the marriage of living and the undead

Yup, works for me.... long live the undead... but how does this work with regard to them paying taxes?  Hmmm.  

On other political party fronts the much adored - by me - Monster Raving Loony Party is campaigning for socks to be sold in packs of three - utterly Trinitarian of them - for those times when you lose a sock.  Other plans include banning superheroes from using their powers for evil. 
Am quietly passionate about the campaign for dedicated pogo-stick lanes on roads used by commuters.  Surely a little pogo-ing to work would help with some quality blue-sky tihnking?
And the plan to introduce 99p coins to save on change is pure genius. 
Bizarrely, I think the MRLP, is failing in its mission this time around the election block: they are making slightly too much sense.

Then there's Captain Beany who's standing for election representing the New Millennium Bean Party - their campaign slogan being: "Out with Brown, in with Orange". 
It really ain't gonna take off in N. Ireland, I'm thinking....

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