Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Foxy Knoxy's word to the wise #3: on the subject of predestination

To be sung to the tune of "Jesus Loves Me"
(Revised Church Hymnary, 1927, Hymn no. 660)

"I'm predestined! This I know:
Church of Scotland tells me so.
Hell is with poor sinners crammed -
I am saved, but they are damned.
Yes! I'm predestined!
Yes! I'm predestined!
Yes! I'm predestined!
The Kirk it tells me so!"

                                  *with thanks to the lovely RA for this one!*

Predestination defined -
predestination: alighting from the train one stop too soon
double predestination: doing the same thing the next day.

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liz said...

You are just too crazy - and, much more like this and you'll be going to the burny place!! :) LOL