Thursday, 3 June 2010

apostrophes: the fundamentals

This marvellous pic. courtesy of 
the blessed Shuna!  

Recently, I have been worried.
I've noticed a distinct lack of apostrophes about the place.
To paraphrase Dylan, I've been finding myself asking: 'where have all the apostrophes gone?'

I need not have feared.
The answer would seem to be: 'gone to placards, every one'.

The writer of this sign - pic.  placed deliberately on the right of screen to match world-view - is the culprit.

An initial count has so far found 31 poor little apostrophes flagrantly misused and abused.  This, without tackling spelling errors - although I am especially fond of 'high fullutent'.
Unless the signwriter was actually referring only to one of each: one Muslim, one abortionist, one racist, etc.?  But this then begs the question: the Muslim's ... what?  Sandwich? Koran? Cup of tea?
Or, 'sport's nut's' - which sport and what kind of nut?

Surely, there is a special place in hell reserved for such needless wastage of apostrophes?
Yes, today I am very much in touch with my inner pedant.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nik

Just wanted express my appreciation of your blog. Just read through many of your thoughts and found them interesting and / or amusing!

I intend to move from the predistination station and finally arrive at the place I think I was actually meant to go!

Martin (minister UCA Rackdale Australia)