Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Foxy Knoxy's word to the wise #4: the importance of humour should never be underestimated

Beloved brethren and sistren, in these image-conscious days [a plague on all images, I say!] the art of acquiring a good marketing agent is an important skill.
It is an art, alas, that those of us immune to the charms of idolatry have definitely not managed to acquire.
And so it has come to pass, in these latter days of godless frivolity, that we Reformers have been caricatured and much maligned for dourness, an earnestness of temperament, joyless zeal and even the occasional tasteless accusations that we are... shall we say... somewhat lacking in mirth and merriment.
Lies, foul lies! 
Did we not invent the
'Reformation Polka'? [one of Brother Martin's better moves, despite his dodgy theology]
Have we not laughed at the irony of Christian graffiti and quietly derided such dieting groups as 'be slim 4 Him' and 'more of Jesus, less of me'?

Why, even on my death-bed, did I not ask for a cask of wine for my guests and joke in a most jolly and japish manner: 'well, I might be finished before you are, lads!'

Trust me, brethren and sistren, when you're standing looking down the abyss into the face of the oncoming apocalypse, the importance of having cultivated a well-developed sense of humour should never be underestimated...

[Um, incidentally, not that I'm bothered about image you understand, but does this Preaching BeardTM make my bum look too big?]

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