Friday, 29 October 2010

the 'F' word, part two

Earlier in the year I was thinking about the 'F' word - the new, big, bad swear word that is apparently unacceptable in polite society... yup, 'feminist'.
I recall being rather frustrated with the expression I often hear -
'I'm not a feminist, but...'
I'd quoted from a postcard I keep on my desk which lists reasons for why one might be a feminist.  It's a good, strong, powerful statement.
I happened to pootle across to Mary Beth's blog: terrapin station a few moments ago.
MB has a postcard,
also on the 'I'm not a feminist, but...' theme.
It's neat.
I like it.
A more subversively upbeat tone...:)
[tho' I did point out that 'pants' mean something different over here! *grins*]

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spotthegerbil said...

I'm not a feminist but...

I recognise that the postcard could be interpreted as a redrafted and somewhat abbreviated version of the International Declaration of Human Rights

In order, article 21, then we shall skip over the pants or shorts thing, before landing on articles 26; 16 and 25; 17; 5; then back to 17. Wrap all that up in articles 1 and 2 and you've got it covered. It would be nice if we applied them in whole or part occasionally. :-(

Wear whatever trousers, shorts or skirts that you want!