Thursday, 31 March 2011

je suis arrivée à Genève

Gosh - a whole month living and working in Geneva - with the CofS congregation meeting in what used to be Knox and Goodman's church when they were in exile.
I love Ministries Council for going outside of the box and letting me do this - hurrah! 
A super opportunity.
Arrived yesterday and wondering what the crucial thing is I have forgotten.  I expect I shall find out presently.  Have at least now worked out the intricacies of the Swiss electrical system 'no, we don't use European adaptors, we use Swiss'.


spotthegerbil said...

Don't be working too hard.

And as long as you've remembered you toothbrush, everything else is just details.

Mrs Gerbil said...

Ah, but what about your towel? Spot really should know better ;-)

Have fun. I'm sure you will.

Nik said...

toothbrush - check
toothpaste - check
towel - provided :)
Not sure what it says about my faith/relationship with God: discovered crucial thing missing: bible which I appear to have left near bed at home... handy I have access to Oremus bible online :D

Anonymous said...

Great adventure!


You know the "facsimilie" Calvin chair in New College Library? Do you see the real thing anywhere around there?

btw finally got the Simpson blackboard thinggy to work -- thanks!

spotthegerbil said...

On forgetting bibles. If you've been dragged kicking and screaming into the smartphone world, The Olive Tree Reader is a useful and free resource. There's a version available for Android or Iphone. It does raise an eyebrow when you start flicking through your phone mid service however. Mrs Gerbil will tell a tale of turning up at a ministerial gathering, and she was the only person with a bible!

Most people will remember their phone but not their bible. Except for viewers in (the Church of) Scotland where they are more likely to remember their hymn book!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nik

Not been on the blog in ages but happy to see your blogs are here waiting for me to read. Ive seen you around NC but your always chatting and did not like to interrupt! Hope your having / had a great time in Germany and keep blogging. James