Tuesday, 30 October 2012

church recruitment: aim low and you're never disappointed

back of church sunday
And finally, we are looking for someone to volunteer for the post of church treasurer...
I sense a new direction to take when it comes to encouraging folk to get involved in church leadership/ or other offices within it... Perhaps we have been guilty of too much spin?  Or of over-accentuating the positive?  Or a little obsessed with 'fresh expressions' of church?  
How about the following attempt: 
Wondering what to do with your life?
Tried lots of things but not really managed to achieve much?
Are you a wee bit feeble?
Possibly stupid?
Vaguely spiritual?
A loser in love's cruel lottery?
Take heart! There is one more option you could explore!
In the comforting words of G. D. Henderson: 
'if one were not strong enough in body or mind to become a satisfactory robber baron, or if one had a leaning to contemplation or sainthood, or if one had failed in the marriage market, then the Church offered its opportunities.' [G. D. Henderson, The Scottish Ruling Elder, p12]
Marvellous... although, personally, I quite fancy having a go at being a satisfactory robber baron :)
He does go on to discuss 'a remarkable cleavage in society'.  The mind boggles!!

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