Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday Five... Inspirations

Ahhh, RevGals Friday Five... I have not played for a looooong time... so, here goes:

Very quickly;  this week

1. What has encouraged you?
Hmmm, I confess I was rather gobsmacked by a profusion of gracious words from someone the other night at our RevGals W.E.E. 1 gathering.  I can't quite recall correctly, but in amongst some incredibly lovely encouraging stuff, said person finished with 'You rock.  Thank you for letting me dance amongst the constellation of all your friends'.  What a lovely image... and what a lovely way of reminding me of just how incredibly fortunate I am with those folk who I am privileged to call friends. 

2. What has inspired you?
Our General Assembly, which came to a close this afternoon after a week of merry meetings in New College.  The Moderator had a lightness of touch, a sense of fun, and the overall atmosphere was gentler than it has been for a while: folks quietly got on and did the business of the church cheerfully.  It is already being called the 'alleluia' Assembly.  What inspired me...was that this Assembly reminded me that we can come together as a church and be united in a common cause...

3. What has challenged you?
I am pondering words, and especially the power of words.  I am challenging myself to be more gracious in the way I engage with folk - it is too easy to be critical or cynical or even self-aggrandise at the expense of others.  So, positive, gracious words: to make more use of them please!!!

4. What has made you smile?
The sun!!!! It has clawed its way out from behind the dreich and has been warming me right through to the bones this week - happiness.  Our RevGals gathering on Wednesday brought lots of laughter and smiles.  Catching up with old pals who were gathered for the General Assembly: lots of cups of tea and happy blethers.  Hugs - lots of them - always a guaranteed smile-bringer :D

5. What has brought a lump to your throat or a tear to you eye in a good way?

Big deep conversation with a pal very early on in the week.  Again, a reminder of how blessed I am with very, very good friends.


Jan said...

So glad you played the FF today! I love your words, especially that you are challenging yourself with them. "Grace" and "gracious" are such abundant words, reflecting the immensity of Divine Love.

Mrs Gerbil said...

No. 5: That's because you are lovely. :)