Friday, 7 December 2012

meanwhile, 96 000 words into the thesis...

Haggis Hunt

*talking to earlier research Nikki version*
'gosh, I'm actually impressed - you really did do more than just play computer games when looking at this particular section of the thesis. Jolly well done self.' 
*earlier research Nikki*
'why thank you. There were indeed occasions when I needed a little distracting from rescuing naughty sorceresses and such-like. Although, I note with pleasure the return of that much-loved favourite game at this time of year 'Hunt the Haggis'. What impact do you think its return will have on your current thesis section?' 
*current research Nikki...furrows brow...looks up from game*
'Hmmmm? Ack, just missed a golden haggis in Loch Ness...' 
*earlier research Nikki*
'Ahhhh. Plus ├ža change'
*cue sound of gurgling haggis in background*

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